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Jackdal was born  in Vittel (Vosges) in France
Author photographer.
Self-taught.. and autistic Asperger !

He currently lives in the Vosges where he raised their 6 children with his wife.
He spent his childhood and adolescence in his parents' hotel-restaurant in Contrexéville.
This environment of curists and holidaymakers will allow him to rub shoulders with all social classes from various regions of France and elsewhere.
This will develop his sense of observation and taste for “the human”.

His academic career will pass through the Lycée agricole de Mirecourt, the Lycée Claude Gellée d'Épinal, the Faculty of Musicology and the Conservatoire de Nancy, the University of Nancy II in psychology.
It was in 2008, driven by his relatives that he launched and won several prizes in departmental competitions.
Since then he regularly exhibits in the Vosges and neighbouring departments.

I had a little Instamatic Kodak when I was about 8.
you know the one with the little cube flash above...the click actually!

Ever since I was little, I have been attracted by aestheticism, the emotion of an instant or the gaze of a child, the beauty of things, of everyday life in the street, of an unexpected framing, of an unreal light that arises
What interests me is the instantaneity, what the others do not always see, the new angle of shooting, the funny situation sometimes...but which lasts only one hundredth of
I go “fishing for pictures”, patiently and quietly, spontaneously and instinctively especially by observing life with a benevolent eye
I like to bring a note of humor, a reflection and a certain humanist look and so
sometimes convey a message to the attentive viewer

The approach can also be educational in order to encourage the walker to «look around him» and the order of the heritage, of the collective memory so as not to forget our environment

Chaplin as a cinematographic reference, and some great masters of photography such as:
Robert Doisneau, René Maltête, Elliott Erwitt, Willy Ronis, Cartier-Bresson, Sabine Weiss, Brassaï, Izis, Sebastiao Salgado, Edouard Boubat, Marc Riboud, Jean-Philippe Charbonnier, and a special admiration for the work of Peter Turnley.

I always have my small compact Leica at my fingertips... it’s discreet... a fast photo, without heaviness or preparation.
No photo editing, just framing, some contrast or light.
I propose to you an eclectic selection without particular theme that that of the life that surrounds us;
Through my photographs, stroll through my little moments of stories
daily”… and have a good walk!”